FIU Engineering Center (EC)

Ceramic Materials Synthesis & Processing

(Some  equipment accessible through FIU Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute)

    • Thermolyne 1700 oC high-temperature box furnace








  • MTI 1600 oC tube furnace with (oxidizing/inert/reducing) atmosphere control




  • CamCo. 1550 oC hydrogen furnace

  •  Lindberg 1200 oC tube furnace with atmosphere control

  • MTI 1100 oC tube furnace with atmosphere control

  • High temperature (up to 2200 oC) vacuum/inert atmosphere sintering furnace






  • Chemical fume hood



  • MPM -100 screen printer









  • Carver hydrostatic press and die press assembly


Fuel Cell and Related Electrochemical Testing

  • Applied Testing System (ATS) 1100 oC split tube furnace for fuel cell and electrochemical testing


  • GAMRY Reference1000 electrochemical working station with potentiostat/galvanostat and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) capability



Solar Cell Testing

(Accessible through Professor Nezih Pala of FIU Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)

  • Sun simulator and J-V tester

solar simulator





  • Quantum efficiency tester

QE units



(Accessible through FIU Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute)

    • 350 sq. ft. class 100 clean room and 1200 sq. ft. class 10,000 clean room

      • JEOL 7000 F SEM with e-beam Nanolithography facility (20 nm feature)

  • Sputtering systems

sputter system 2




  • Spin coater

spin coater




  • Microprobe stations

In situ characterizations

(Accessible through FIU Center for Materials Study under Extreme Conditions)

  • Powder XRD set-up with high temperature in situ characterization






  • Raman microspectroscopy set-up with in situ characterization capability


Other Common Materials Characterization Capabilities

(Accessible through FIU Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute)

  • Phillips CM-200 200 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM)

  • JEOL 6330F field emission scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM) with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS)


  • JEOL 4550 JEOL multi-beam focus ion beam (FIB)


  • Vecco atomic force microscope (AFM)

  • Siemens 500D X-ray diffractometer (XRD) with residual stress measurement and high temperature capabilities.

  • TA Instruments STD Q600 simultaneous thermogravimetric and scanning colorimetric (TGA/DSC) analyzer