2018-04-10  Paniz successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation! 😀 

2018-04-02  Osama successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation! 😀 

2016-07-28  A proposal by Dr. Zhe Cheng has been selected to receive a grant from NSF Nanomanufacturing (NM) program to carry out research on new method of synthesizing nanopowders of ultrahigh temperature ceramic solid solution materials using single-step high temperature spray pyrolysis (HTSP) process that will incorporate rapid in situ carbothermal reduction (CTR) reaction

2015-07-30  A proposal by Dr. Zhe Cheng (PI) and Dr. Arvind Agarwal (co-PI) has been selected to receive a grant from the DOE National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) Crosscutting Technology Research Program under the HBCU/OMI effort to carry out research on novel synthesis and sintering of high temperature carbide and boride ceramic materials as potential electrodes for magnetic hydrodynamic (MHD) power generation application

2014-08-11  A collaborative research proposal by Dr. Zhe Cheng and Dr. Sung Jin Kim of University of Miami (UM) has been selected to receive the UM/FIU Nanotechnology Collaborative Research Exchange Form (Nano-CREF) seed award to each faculty to carry out proof of concept research in solar fuel generation featuring use of novel nanomaterials and nanostructures

2014-08-12  A research proposal by Dr. Zhe Cheng has been selected to receive seed funding under the Florida Space Research Program 2014 cycle.