Research Interests

  • Ceramic, ceramic-metal, and ceramic-polymer hybrid materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
  • Novel inorganic (including ceramic) materials for solar cells and solar fuels
  • Mechanism study of functional ceramic materials including their degradation under harsh environment through advanced in situ characterization techniques
  • Nano ceramic materials synthesis, processing, and characterization

Current Research Topics

  • New inorganic absorber materials for thin film solar cells and fundamental mechanism study using advanced characterization techniques including in situ Raman and X-ray diffraction (Ph.D. student Osama Awadallah)
  • Fundamental study on proton conducting oxide ceramics for renewable energy conversion applications (Ph.D student Shichen Sun)
  • Novel synthesis, processing, and fundamental mechanism study of nanocrystalline high temperature and ultrahigh temperature ceramics such as B4C, HfB2, HfC-TaC (Ph.D. student Paniz Foroughi)