EGN3365 Materials in Engineering

Course Information

A general introductory course to basic concepts and methods in materials engineering, covering fundamentals including crystal structure, defects, diffusion, phase diagram and phase transformation, as well as properties and practical processing and applications of major categories of engineering materials including metals and alloys, ceramics and glass, polymers, and composites

Course Objective

The main objective of EGN3665 Materials in Engineering is to introduce the basic concepts and methods in materials engineering to undergraduate engineering students and help students develop preliminary understanding of the inter-relationships between composition, processing, structure, properties, and performance for common solid-state engineering materials

Lecture Slides

Chapter 01  Introduction

Chapter 02  Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding

Chapter 03  Crystal Structure – 1

Chapter 03  Crystal Structure – 2

Chapter 03  Crystal Structure – 3

Chapter 04  Imperfection in Crystals

Chapter 05  Diffusion – 1

Chapter 05  Diffusion – 2

Chapter 06  Mechanical Properties of Materials

Chapter 07  Dislocation and Strengthening Mechanisms

Chapter 08  Mechanical Failures

Chapter 09  Phase Diagrams – 1

Chapter 09  Phase Diagrams – 2

Chapter 09  Phase Diagrams – 3

Chapter 11  Metals & Alloys – 1

Chapter 11  Metals & Alloys – 2

Review Sides

Review 1 for Chapter 1-3 on Bonding and Crystal Structure

Review 2 for Chapter 4-4 on Defects and Diffusion

Review 3 for Chapter 6-8 on Mechanical Properties

Review 4 for Chapter 9 on Phase Diagrams