EMA3702 Mechanics of Materials

Course Information

A mid-level course addressing the selection of engineering materials based on static and dynamic loadings, environmental analysis and the experimental analysis of mechanical systems. Emphasis on metals and composite materials

Course Objective

  • Identify mechanical properties and the characteristics of elastic behavior for material types.
  • Calculate the stress and strain configuration at a point for a specific loading arrangement.
  • Transform plane stress and strain configurations and identify principal stress and Principal Axes.
  • Use the appropriate failure criteria for diverse situation and/or materials (elastic behavior only).
  • Design prismatic beams.
  • Determine the deflection at any point of a beam, given the loading and end conditions.
  • Determine the load, shear and moment diagrams for a beam given the loading and end conditions.

Course Syllabus

EGN3702_Mechanics Materials_Syllabus_2016 summer