EMA5001 Physical Property of Materials

Course Information

The physical properties of materials, focusing on principles of kinetics in phase transformations for engineering materials and their applications

Course Objective

The main objective of EMA5001 Physical Properties of Materials is to introduce graduate-level principles and practical applications of kinetics and phase transformation for engineering materials involving phenomena including diffusion, movement of interfaces, solidification, and nucleation and growth.  The course also aims to provide graduate-level training in critical thinking, mathematical analysis, and written communication skills focusing on problems of interests involving kinetics and phase transformation of engineering materials

Course Syllabus

EMA 5001 Physical Properties of Materials 2018 Spring Syllabus

Lecture Slides

Lecture 00_Course-information

Lecture 01_Diffusion_introduction

Lecture 02_Diffusion_atomistic mechanism

Lecture 03_Diffusion_steady-state and non-steady-state_Ficks 2nd law

Lecture 04_Self-diffusion and vacancy diffusion

Lecture 05_Substitutional diffusion in alloys

Lecture 06_Determine diffusion coefficient and Matano analysis

Lecture 07_Short-circuit diffusion and reaction diffusion

Lecture 08_Diffusion other problems

Lecture 09_Surface energy

Lecture 10_Grain boundaries

Lecture 11_Interfaces and precipitate shape

Lecture 12_Solidification via homogeneous nucleation

Lecture 13_Solidification via heterogeneous nucleation

Lecture 14_Alloy solidification

Lecture 15_Solidification other issues

Lecture 16_Diffusional phase transformation

Lecture 17_Nucleation in precipitation

Lecture 18_Growth of precipitates

Lecture 19_Spinodal decomposition

Lecture 20_Massive transformation and particle coarsening

Lecture 21_Martensite transformation

Lecture 22_Kinetics trivia

Lecture 23_Models for transformation kinetics

Lecture 24_Example of SiC formation kinetics