EMA5646 Ceramic Processing

Course Information

Introduction to the science and engineering of ceramic processing, with emphasis on theoretical fundamentals and current state-of-the-art processing

Course Objective

The main objective of EMA5646 Ceramic Processing is to introduce principles and engineering practices of conventional as well as new, unconventional processing techniques for ceramics, especially advanced technical ceramics and glass materials

Contents Covered

  • Ceramic powder synthesis, processing, and characterizations
  • Additives used in ceramic processing
  • Ceramic green body formation and characterization
  • Thermal processing of ceramics
  • Post firing processing of ceramics

Course Syllabus

SYLLABUS for EMA 5646 Ceramic Processing for 2019 fall

Lecture Slides

Lecture 01 Course Introduction

Lecture 02_Powder preparation

Lecture 03_Powder characterization

Lecture 04_Additives

Lecture 05_Colloidal processing

Lecture 06_Green body formation

Lecture 07_Sintering

Videos for lab demonstrations

Dry pressing