EGN3365 Materials in Engineering

The undergraduate course gives a general introduction to basic concepts and methods in materials engineering, covering fundamentals including crystal structure, defects, diffusion, phase diagram and phase transformation, as well as properties and practical processing and applications of major categories of engineering materials including metals and alloys, ceramics and glass, polymers, and composites


EMA3702 Mechanics of Materials

 A mid-level course addressing the selection of engineering materials based on static and dynamic loadings, environmental analysis and the experimental analysis of mechanical systems. Emphasis on metals and composite materials


EMA5001 Physical Properties of Materials

The graduate course focuses on principles of kinetics in phase transformations for solid-state engineering materials (primarily metals and ceramics) and their applications in relation to materials’ physical properties


EMA5305/4303 Electrochemical Engineering

Introduction to the fundamental principles of electrochemistry and its applications in different engineering systems for energy, chemical, biomedical, and electronics industries.


EMA5646 Ceramic Processing

Introduction to the science and engineering of ceramic processing, with emphasis on theoretical fundamentals and current state-of-the-art processing